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Default Re: Does a red peak on a track mean the same as on the Maste

Tracking as hot as possible is an old-school digital technique from the 16bit days. There is absolutely no good reason to track hot in 24bit. The noise floor of your mics/pres is well above the noise floor of the converters. Do yourself a favor next time and track with peaks around -12dbFS. This will leave you plenty of headroom for processing/mixing, and your mic pres will likely sound much better when not cranked up so high.

What to do with what you have? Use the trim plug on an insert. If you have any kind of dynamics processing that you don't want to readjust put the trim after those. That is if they're not clipping. You could also use the Audiosuite gain plug, but any dynamics processing would need to be readjusted due to the reduced gain.

A few clipped samples on a single track is not going to be noticeable, but the cumulative effects of many tracks clipping will create a "hard" sound that is far worse than anything gain reduction will do.
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