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Default Re: problem when mixing drums to its own stereo channe

Some plug-ins have a built-in latency that you can compensate for by nudging that track back in time by the same amount. For example, to insert PSP VintageWarmer on a snare track, nudge the snare track back by 511 samples (that's the amount of delay that VW causes). To see how much delay a plug-in has, control-click below the fader (where the fader position is displayed). Take careful notes of how much you shift any track.

By the way, what you're doing is referred to as "printing". You're printing a submix (of drum tracks) to an available stereo audio track. Bouncing to disk is almost identical, except that PT is using slightly more sophisticated maths to do the conversion. In the absence of all plug-ins, there shouldn't be a single sample of delay between a submix printed within PT and the original tracks.
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