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Default Re: Can I go Guitar>Pedals>DI XLR out to Eleven Rack? (using Mic input for guitar)

Originally Posted by nst7 View Post
Okay, I understand better, but not completely.

You can use the Radial JDV into the mic input, that's not a problem. But why can't you go from that pedalboard directly into the guitar input on the Eleven Rack, just like with the other pedalboard?

Is there some specific reason you need the JDV in the chain, perhaps a particular sound quality it brings?
I do like the clarity the JDV Brings, like taking a blanket off your tone. So my thoughts were, why not run out of that into the Mic Input... Xlr would in theory be better anyways than 1/4". I run a VERY hot signal out from my Radial DI. Sounds guys say it's near line level. I have all kinds of SDD-3000 preamps and boosters on my pedals. So I hope the XLR in of the 11r will take it well. :)

Just trying to get some ideas as to pros and cons of doing it this way before I commit to the time and expense of rewiring everything.
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