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Default Re: MC Mix displays show up on my main screen

Originally Posted by RicardoEscallon View Post
The craziest thing is happening today. The displays of my Euphonix MC Mix are showing up on my main screen, taking about the upper third of it, with a black background and display what usually should only be on the LCDs of the MC Mix. I see channels 1, 2, 7 and 8. I had never seen this before.
I am attaching a screen shot.

If I turn off the unit I recover my normal screen.

I am running
Mojave 10.14.6
EuCon Version 2021.10.1.29
ProTools Ultimate 2021.12.0
This has a been a reoccurring issue when using three displays on a Mac. Quitting and restarting EuControl will fix it.

If you have the control surfaces powered on before booting up the system, this occurs more often.
If you power on the control surfaces while the system is booting, this occurs more often.
If you wait to power on the surfaces until after EuControl is running, this occurs less often.
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