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Default Re: My new LG UP81 TV sync huge problem.

Originally Posted by Frank Kruse View Post
200ms (5 frames) seems like a lot but not unusual. The biggest offset in my room is 20qf (also 5 frames) (to my projector with an HDMI-splitter in between)

Yes it is alot. I working on post for over 15 years now, I dont remember how much lag was on my first LCD 42" (that was simply tv and I use it even now in my studio B, I must check), but my last one 55" has 250ms (after turning off all "true black, true motion, true something...."). LG 70up81 (the newest one) has option for games that I use right now and after measurement with catchin sync it is 200 ms. I thing something is wrong with my system becouse it will be imposible to play in games with so high lag! I found some information that that TV in game mode has about 10 ms lag. I have about 10m hdmi cable that is connected to my mac 5.1 with Blackimagic Intensity Pro card.

Originally Posted by Frank Kruse View Post
When you say "delayed the signal" do you mean the video sync offset setting in PT or are you actually using a delay or moving your audio? When you say "unsynchronised every 15minutes" you mean after playing continuously for 15min or after working for 15min starting and stopping? The former would be drift and is also normal if your system isn't genlocked but drifting from 200ms to 500ms (almost 8 frames) would be a lot even for an un-locked system). But first clarify what you mean please.

I mean video sync offset. Sync changing after working (a lot of start/stop) even on the some project in PAL HD. On the exacly some system with old TV it was no problem for 6 years.

Originally Posted by Frank Kruse View Post
These modern screens are computers as well so it might be possible. The fact that the delay changes without you changing settings would be a reason to abandon it, an offset is not a problem, PT can easily compensate for it.
First make sure you're not missing a setting. Turn off all the weird noise reduction, "fluid motion" and other nonsense "better-maker" settings on the TV. Also: What's you video output card?

I turned off everything, it was alot of. I know it is huge problem that delay is changing without changing setting. Maybe it is a bug in LG firmware. BTW, I working alot with animation and lipsync :)
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