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Default Re: Behringer X-Touch Faders

Something to be aware of with any HUI controller: they will NOT be able to address all sends, only A thru E(this is a limitation of the HUI protocol). Also, the Faderport 2 does NOT actually address sends unless you add the neyrinck V-control software(which adds a ton of good function to the Faderport 2). I had the X-Touch ONE(the baby of the lineup) and found it had a ton of buttons that did nothing in Pro Tools, so I recommend going to youtube and watching as many videos as you can find on the X-Touch with Pro Tools(assuming PT is your DAW). I have had more fader control in the form of Artist Mix and actually didn't use it nearly as much as I thought I would(I guess old habits die hard).
Watch the video about how neyrinck supercharges the Faderport 2 as you might find that suits your needs(its way up on my list when funds permit)
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