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Default Re: Any benefit to TDM in 2021?

Although the M1 alone is a very compelling CPU, that said, Id recommend waiting until the MacMini Pro comes out, so you can get at least an M1Pro/Max. I've done extensive testing on the M1 MacBook Air, and the M1Pro 14 and 16" MacBook Pro, with 16gb Ram and 1TB Hard Drive and they are crazy powerful for audio and video. As to which I recommend, I'd go with a M1Pro over the M1 especially for a for-hire studio. Can get it done with the base M1, without a doubt, but it is best suited for a project studio IMO.

You will need to confirm Antelope Audio has Apple Silicon Drivers for the box you have.

If you make the move, I strongly recommend running both systems concurrently until you are very comfortable that all Apple Intel to Silicon issues are resolved for your workflow.

If you google my user-name in YouTube you will see the Video's I've done on the M1/M1 Pro Macs with Protools.
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