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Default Re: MTRX Studio & AES Outputs

Yes, correct. If you need to feed digital monitors via AES/EBU with MTRX Studio then it would be necessary to leverage a multichannel digital converter - either from ADAT or from the Dante outputs on the device.

Essentially, you would be building a Monitor Profile composed of multiple sources (DigiLiink / Pro Tools, Analog (Mic, DI, Line), Dante (DVS or other), ADAT...) which would feed an output for the group format you wish to work in -> Stereo, 5.1, 7.1, or even Atmos widths. Assuming a Dante <-> AES3 converter, the output for this Control Room monitor would be assigned to 8 channels of Dante, assuming a 7.1 setup. Dante from the MTRX Studio -> into the format converter would need to be patched via Audinate's Dante Controller application. From there, the AES3 feeds into your Genelecs. I would ensure that the chosen converter was also being appropriate fed common word clock from the MTRX Studio.


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