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Default saving video in PT, exporting to earlier version

Hello PT Friends,

I import avi video files into PT and edit the audio/video which are grouped together in 2 tracks. I edit via audio.

Is there a way to save the tracks, say as an avi file which will include audio as well as video. I then want to be able to import the saved avi track into my laptop which is older and runs an earlier version of PT. The earlier version (7.3) also imports avi files and can edit as video/audio linked tracks. I would like to be able to take these avi files and go back and forth between 2 mac computers. The laptop is for portable editing.

I couldn't find anything on the file menu that would export the tracks. Does anyone have a click by click solution?

Main computer is:
10.5.8 leapord
4g memory
PT Le 8.0.1

Thanks for your help,
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