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Default Keyboard language/Layout


Since I live in Norway i naturally have a norwegian keyboard. However PT shortcuts etc need a english layout, so I use the Language bar in XP to switch when I use PT. I have a shortcut (ctrl-shift-1) which I use to do this.

I have two problems with this.

1: For some reason this doesn't stick. When I jump back and forth between programs the layout sometimes swithes back to norwegian. Extremely annoying.
2: The shortcut sometimes has to be pressed up to 3 times before it registeres. Mostly it takes two times.

What would fix this is if PT switched the layout for me automatically. Is this doable?

(Or even better: the shortcuts could be customizable like in Nuendo. But that is just wishful thinking. If Y (move to start) hadn't been next to T (zoom in) I could probably have halved the times I need to undo).
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