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Default Re: Pro Tools - General Troubleshooting for Mac HD and LE

Plug-In Compatibility - It's Important!

Many issues are caused by incompatible plug-ins being installed. They don't even have to be used in the session to cause problems - just having them in the plug-ins folder can cause bizarre problems. The reason is that, upon launch, Pro Tools caches all the installed plug-in data - that cache interacts with many aspects of Pro Tools, from thread scheduling to automation, etc.

I strongly recommend taking 30 minutes to carefully go through your plug-in list and compare it to our Compatiblity Grid. Remove or update any plug-ins that are not the minimum version listed. If you don't see your plug-in on the list, remove it temporarily for testing purposes then, once your system is stable, verify with the manufacturer regarding it's compatibility. If they indicate it's compatible, put it back into your plug-ins folder and test again. Do this ony by one for any plug-ins in question, so you can narrow down which ones my be problematic.

FWIW I have never, ever seen a case where someone said 'all my plug-ins are compatible' and actually have that be the case so, please, double and triple check. You can't be too careful in regards to this! A majority of instability reported on the DUC has been traced to plug-ins.

After removing/updating any plug-ins always trash preferences, then restart, so that all plug-in data can be reloaded and re-cached.

If you are still experiencing problems, please use the Tech Support Utility to generate and post a plug-in version list so we can double check. Given that our time here is limited, we expect you to carefully verify your plug-ins first.

Also, due to some plug-ins using code that cannot run on a processor dedicated to RTAS, you may need to reduce the number of processors in the playback engine to avoid errors. The processors are still being used - they just run the code that can't run on a dedicated RTAS processor. Some code will interrupt real-time processes if they're run on the same core.
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