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Default Re: Venue SC48 and Pro Tools LE

Originally Posted by Justin Bartlett View Post
$39k is list for just the Mixrack. Add the HD64 bundle and it's $55k, which unfortunately is well outside our budget, even if street price is $45k or so.

As for the rest of your comments, believe it or not I'm familiar with my own needs and my volunteers. And "a few channels for overview, plus a few nursed through shows" is not as effective a training tool as a more extended period of training and practice when I want to teach a volunteer to mix a full band. That's been our approach until now, and it gets us by, but I've been hoping to revolutionize that process. I want to give them the opportunity to *practice* - to try things, to make mistakes, to learn, and to *mix*, without the immediate pressure of a live audience, or a band that's getting tired of playing just for the sound guy. But yes, I need the full session to do that effectively.
If you need to train voluntteers to mix a full band and have complete control of the audio for the service then I respectfully suggest that it's going to take more than plugging in a full 32 channel band mix. My suggestion was that the major principles of the desk in operation could be taught using FWx, the intricacies of live sound mixing a band, will only happen with someone standing at the desk week after week watching someone else and being allowed to gradually do more and more, with someone to safeguard things if they go wrong. There are plenty of college courses that try to teach on the basis of "simulated" sessions, great as the virtual sound check is, it's a tool for tweaking shows and refining mixes, not, for giving people an artificial handle on what the job really entails.

There are plenty of us here that do this for a living and know how hard it can be, getting "volunteers" to get by is a big ask.


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