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Default Re: Venue SC48 and Pro Tools LE

Stems are all well and good, but they don't really do the job I'm looking for (virtual soundcheck for volunteer engineer training) very well. And I haven't seen Digidesign reps give the reason you cite (annoying HD64 customers) as the reason for the 18-channel limitation; I've only heard limited engineering resources given as the reason.

I'm well aware that the SC48 is offering a ton for the money, if what I've heard about pricing is correct. But it's only a bargain if it fits our purposes, and an extra $5,000 for MADI cards is a bargain compared to an extra $40,000 for a bigger console and an HD rig, if either option meets our needs.

I can absolutely see that the SC48 would be an amazing fit and an awesome tool for many applications, including many of ours. But for what I'm looking for, the M7CL/MADI combination may end up fitting our needs better. An upgrade to 32 or even 24 channels for the LE connection would absolutely change that.
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