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Default Re: SPDIF issue: Keep losing Connection and Missing a Page in Setup> Hardware

Again I think it's just old-manual-speak and might've been a holdover from the PT5.x days that didn't get corrected when they updated manuals. If you read the 003 series getting started guide it's more clear, and also mentions that signal will show up on both Optical and RCA ports if you select Optical S/PDIF.

I have an 002r and have never seen the RCA=S/PDIF option and have no issues when using RCA S/PDIF devices (I have Lucid ADA running off the RCA jacks) so I think it's safe to say your 002 setup and PT software are fine, whether or not the hardware is functioning properly (i.e. maybe the RCA jacks themselves are losing connection) is still unknown. Do you have any other RCA S/PDIF devices you could test instead of your TC? That would help you isolate it to one of those two devices.
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