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just want to thank all.., LOL

anyway, it went like this for those who might find themselves in a position of having 10.4,10 OSX without wanting it and happen to have PT LE 7.3.1

I did a fresh install for the OS because I have a heap of new, unused software (get it at student prices while I can), but I updated the computer software and that left me with 10.4.10 tiger.., I installed the PT disc 7.1.1 and of course the computer crashed on starting PT. I then installed PT 7.3.1 and when I clicked on the icon to start PT, it jumped up and down excitedly but nothing at all happened.., not even a crash. I then installed PT7.3.1cs and then at least the computer saw the M Box but still the icon would only jump up and down.., and thats all, no PT.

I then installed the script fix from the same digi page all the updates are and 'hey presto' all is well. havent done any test miles but PT is up and running on Tiger OSX 10.4.10.

thats it folks
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