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Default updates??

hi all, I just did a fresh install on the i Mac (24 inch, dual core), it up dated to 10.4.10 (build 3), which made my eyes pop out in fear. I have to install all of PT again and am now downloading the mac combo installation. I dont have a clue actually, just looked at the download and it said 10.4.9 combo?? the update on the computer is 10.4.10?? what is going on.., can some one tell me what it the correct combo and are the cs updates accumulative .., man this is confusing!

so starting from PT 7.1.1 on the disc.., how do I get to the lates PT updates and mac updates that work with the OS 10.4.10 (I was in time for the 7.1.3 amnesty and have the 7.1.3 update on disc)

I looked on the froum, it said ths is now qualified and directed me to digi updates but the one it downloaded is 10. 4.9 combo

what ahead ache and so little time

I would be very grateful for any info that might clear this up

I did the fresh install because I just got FCP studiop 2

cheers and heres hoping

bless the fate that brings good friends together.

I Mac 24 inch screen, tiger 10.4.11, CPU dual core 2.16ghz, 2 gig ram, UB.
PT 7.3.6. M Box2
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