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Default How do you work?

Just out of curiousity, how do you all work?

My Order of Opeerations consists of:

tracking, setting up the basic mix, then fine tuning all the instruments. I usually get a wicked drum mix first and build up from there, and bus all the drums to an aux fader... then I keep that around -6db, so that it leaves me 12 db of headroom for the rest of the mix. Occasionally I make other bus groups, rhythm guitars etc. but not always.

Another guy I have worked with on a few occasions tracks each piece, drums etc, then before moving onto the next eq's just about everything and does all his mixing as he goes along... he often runs out of headroom...

how do you all go about doing it?

Oh and just for fun, what do you all think of my plan? I bought a digi001 the week before it was to be discontinued, and now its kinda obsolete. So my plan is to trade it for an mbox and buy a digi002r, that way I have my main workstation on my comp with the 002r, then I can bring my mbox, monitors and firewire harddrive whe I go to my girlfriend's for mixing on her mac.
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