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Default Can\'t open sessions because of \"bad data in Midi Chunk list\"

Hey, I'm having problems with BFD and the PT LE where if I try to open a session I get this error message

"Could not complete the Open Session command because bad data encountered while translating Midi Chunk List"

This just happened to me recently and have had no problems in using BFD in PT Le before. I have PT LE 7.1.1 with the lastest updated BFD. The only thing that I can come up with is that I also just recently installed some Mac updates and after which I just started having issues. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is driving me up the walls, not to mention seriously bad for recording. Thanks!!!

Mervin Chin

Mac Book Pro Intel 2.33GHZ/2 Gig Ram/ Digi 002 Rack/ BFD 1.1.10/
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