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Default Advice for dinosaur upgrading?

I am still running 7.4 on a Black Lion modded 002R using an RME FF800 for extra channels; also using a Command 8. Iíd like to keep using my hardware. My (rock solid) studio computer is an Allenstein Asuspk5 quad OCíd to 3.4ghz running on a dual boot XP, dual boot because at one time I used one side for general computing needs, the other for just music. Original iLok, use Waves and Massey plugins and some VSTs through a wrapper.

Years ago I bought a license for 10/11 which I never installed. Obviously I donít need the latest bells and whistles but Iíd like ADC and offline bounce and clip based gain. Iíd also like PT installed on a laptop to make migrating remote work to the studio more easy. Now I have 3 ways of doing it depending on the situation but nothing as easy as plugging in an external drive and transferring sessions.

Can I install PT on two computers? Iím thinking of putting win 10 on the non musician side of the computer and if PT doesnít work o there I can still use my partition with XP and 7.4. I have done a lot of reading and am aware of some problem with FireWire and win10, and wonder if the 002 and or command 8 will work with PT 10 or 11....Iím thinking of staying with 10 if I can keep using my RTAS and VST plugins. Iím sure there are manny things I havenít thought about but I welcome all input.

One last question, Iíve gotten conflicting info on this: Does PT 10 and later sound any better than earlier versions like 7.4 (using the same hardware)?
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