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Default Help!!! Live recording tonight....

We are recording a live gig tonight recording 16 simultaneous channels. We are using a 002r and Behringer ADA8000 via lightpipe. Everything is set up and working, but want to verify best scenario with those who have experience recording live gigs.

We are using my 002r which is typically hooked up to dual 2.5 G5 which has all hookups for best scenario.

However we will be recording the 45 minute set with a dual 1.83 MacBook Pro. The Mac Book Pro however only has 1 firewire input.

We have two options for external Lacie drives. We can use either my firewire drive through the extra firewire port on the back of the 002r, or can use a different USB Lacie drive via USB 2.0.
I have read something regarding the USB 2.0 being half duplex and the firewire being full duplex.

Currently we have wordclock set to the external lightpipe as we were getting clicking when set to internal.

We cannot have a problem recording this show tonight as it is vital that everything records perfectly.

I am looking for best internal settings and hardware configuration.

Any help appreciated.
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