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Default SOLVED - Problem with the distorted sounds of the eleven rack!

Hello Folks, well i'm from germany and my english is not so well to describe my prob in deep detail, but i hope it is good enough to explain the main thing!
Since 2 weeks i'm a proud user of a new Eleven Rack. The Rack is up to date and the latest Expansion Pack is installed. I guess on this way, i'm well prepared and can put the most of my Guitar software simulations in the trash. Here comes my prob!
Whenever i play the Sounds from the distorted section, the sounds stop after a short while and this sound not good. When i turn my Volume knob from my guitar a bit down to get less distortion, the sounds stop immediately! I hope it is a typical user fault and i can solve this problem with the right setting!
Does somebody knows this problem or knows the right settings? On this way let me say thank you in advance.


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