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Default Multiple PRE's and 192's

so this is how i am routed

PRE's 1 and 2 output (analog db25) to 192 A (master) 2x db25 inputs
Pre 3 output (analog db25) to 192 B (slave) db25 input

192 A output to Masters input on Xmon unit (analog db25)
192 B output to Cue inputs on xmon unit (analog db25)

I can monitor the master outputs of the xmon unit just fine.
I cannot monitor the Cue form the xmon unit at all.

-The cue input on the xmon is tested and functional
-the cable from the 192 B to the cue inputs of the xmon is tested and functional.
-The cue output from xmon to headphone amps is tested and functional

I think I have narrowed it down to "no signal from the outputs of 192 B"
BUT, I do see meters jumping on the correct outputs of 192 B

Based on ANY info i have offered, does anyone have ANY idea on why I get nothing out of the 192 B outputs? Very frustrating

Thanks all for any input
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