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Default Re: A Strange Problem

Originally Posted by BasilF View Post
Let's say that I create a tune. I work on it. I open up a different track to work things out and then bounce it to the main track. What has started to happen is that the bounced track is three 8th notes behind. Adjusting it is no problem but there's more. In the secondary track, if I bounce it to another track and then bounce that one to the main tune, there is no issue. It shows as being on the 1. I've been using PT since 2005. This is a new one. Any ideas?
I find this very difficult to understand. It might be because of the way you use the word 'track'. Outside PT 'track' is often used for a song; a track on an album. In PT a track is a instrument, midi, audio, or aux track in a session. also; "bounce into the main tune", what do you mean. Could you clarify please?
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