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Default Re: DINR LE in Audio Suite but not in plug in list

The should be a plugins guide installed in your Pro Tools documentation folder. DINR is also referred to as BNR. You highlight a section of just the noise in your track and click the learn button in the plugin to create a noise profile. Then you use the fit or super fit functions to create a noise reduction contour. I found that the super fit function always seemed to work better than the fit function and I always jacked the whole contour line up a few dB.

Be forewarned, DINR is a dinosaur and does not fare well when compared to something like RX. I haven't used it in a while but I did for a few years when doing a lot of commercial spots. DINR works most transparently when you're only trying to reduce a slight noise floor. Anything more than that and you quickly start getting into artifacting. It often takes quite a bit if experimenting before you'll manage to stumble upon the best that DINR can give you. Play with the response, release and smoothing to find what works best with your current material.
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