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Default HELP - Backed up files & now PT doesn\'t work!!

So I have Pro Tools installed on my operating system and I store all my songs/files on an external hard drive. I backed up all the files from my main computer and from the external drive to an even larger external drive. Therefore, have two external drives, one for the files and one for the backups. The backups were complete (see the file size of each drive that backed up from the mycomputer folder) and when I go to my main computer/operating system and open Pro Tools, it loads BUT when I go to select a file from the original external hard, the computer restarts itself. Says a fatal error. should backing up cause this kind of error? if I restore, will my damn computer start working again? also, when I go to the external hard drive that has my original files and try to load a song from there, it does the same crap. Black screen, frozen, then restarts and get the fatal error.

what the hell! Please someone help.


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