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Default to DIGI staff

My deep apologize. I already wrote on this topic, but I was not succesful.

I want to layback my final audio to the VTR (analog betacam) and DAT (digital in, pre stripped TC) at the same time, staying in sync with original TC; and using USD.
I use machine control every day to layback to VTR (PT and VTR resolved to black burst video reference) . Also, time after time, I layback digital audio to DAT (in that case I use this setup: TC OUT from USD goes to DAT TC IN, WORD CLOCK OUT from USD goes to DAT WORD IN and DIGITAL OUT 1-2 (AES/EBU) from converter goes to DAT DIGITAL IN. Then, I check "generate TC" option in the session setup window, put PT online and everything works fine).
Now, what is the setup (hardware and software) to make both at the same time. I note that I do NOT have remote cable for machine control. Which can, as I understand, make things work. So, if there is any other way to solve the problem, please let me know. Thanks in advance. Cheers [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]
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