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Default Sound Replacer Alters Sound of Sample.

I just installed sound replacer on my new System. PT's TDM Mix Cubed, 1.25gHz G4, 1GB Ram, OSX (10.2.6), PT's 6.1. So I bought this Bob Clearmountain CD of Drum Sounds and I choose a couple of Kick sounds to use. I import the Stereo files into a New session (44.1, 16bit), and Bounce to disk (Mono Summed, ouptputs 33-34, 44.1, 16Bit) The Sounds I want to use, In order to make Mono files that I can use with sound replacer. I did notice that while listening in stereo any time there was ambience, the sample was left heavy. There are some samples that are Dry on one side and effected on the other but they were noted as such. So I listen to the Mono files in the session I converted, and they sound fine. After using Sound Replacer, the Sample in the new track sounds very different than the original sample. any Idea's as to why this might happen? Thanks for any insight.
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