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Default DAE error 9060, then "can't save error -50", then "can't eject drive"

((Since I was mildly reprimanded by a DUC poster for posting multiple problems in multiple posts, I have included all of them here.))

During very simple editing, I was just adding a fade to an audio region and got:

DAE error 9060

I tried saving the session, and I got:

"Could not save because error -50 while opening dyqvBRFHzsywQSMW"

So I quit PTLE without saving (losing my work, of course) and when I try to safely eject the external FW Glyph drive I get "The disk is in use and could not be ejected. Try quitting applications and trying again." There are no applications open.

When this happened before I had to shut down / restart the MacBook Pro without ejecting the FW drive, which made it very unhappy.

But alas, I'll go through then entire process again, trashing DAE prefs, volume folders, etc... and I GUARANTEE this will all happen again unless there is a fundamental solution to this recurring problem.

I have had two lengthy conversations with Digi tech support employees. The problems continue.

Yes, I've checked and double-checked this page, even with Digi tech support on the phone:

...going on 12 days of crashing / re-crashing.

Please help. I am at my wits end.
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