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Default Import session data main playlist imports unwanted clips

Hey, I'm wondering if someone knows if everything is working as intended here, am I missing something or is this a bug:

I want to import only the main playlist of a track to a new template we have for mixing. Also I'd only want to have the clips imported that are on the main playlist. So none that are in the alternate playlists since there are a few hundred of these... But regardless of me unticking the alternate playlist option PT brings all of the clips from the previous session, only with the difference that there are now no playlists but the clips are still moved to the new location. Is this intended?

I'm on PT 2020.3 Ultimate.

The clearest workaround is me exporting all of the audio files separately and then match the track data, but we have about a 100 tracks and 11 songs... This'll take ages.

2nd option is importing the files like this, then choosing all unused files and deleting them, but risking the bug that some pro tools has had that it doesn't recognize the imported clip folders correctly and accidentally deletes the original files. (We've had this bug pop up twice on previous sessions, so wouldn't want to risk it)

Or 3rdly save copy in from the previous session and import the other way round. The issue here is that we have the template session set up with our S1 consoles and you can't import those with session data. (This way only the main playlist clips are imported as intended)

Last option is to do the third option and after that import the session data from that copied session.

Everything seems so fiddly compared thing that should work on it's own just with a single option when importing: "Only import clips on main playlists"
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