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Default Dolby Atmos - Do I need SRC?

Hi all,
We are considering putting in a Dolby Atmos set up in a traditional 5.1 dub stage. Besides the Madi I/O's and other additional hardware, if we work at 48Khz 23.976 will we need SRC both from our Pro Tools rigs to the Dolby RMU and then back out of the RMU to our stem recorder? The RMU states that it only takes 48Khz 24fps.

This is from the Dolby Atmos guide:

Applying Pull Up/Down and Sample
Rate Conversion Before Print Mastering a
23.98 fps Session
To apply pull up/down
and sample
rate conversion before print mastering a 23.98 fps
session to the RMU:
Launch the session

Set the sample rate to 48 kHz.

Set the Timecode Rate to 24 fps.

Audio Rate Pull Up/Down to 0.1% Up.
Set the Video Rate Pull Up/Down to 0.1% Up.
Choose Setup
Hardware set up and enable conversion for the output of both HD MADI interfaces.

By these directions, it seems like the RMU might accept both 48048K and 47.952. Does it?

II would love some input from users with a similar set up.


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