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Default Re: Does lighbridge support more than 18IO with PTMP?

The DDX3216 works fine, except that the fan is too loud. Maybe there is a problem with mine but for me it makes it unusable in some situations. Obviously to get 32 channels of ADAT I/O you need 2 ADAT expansion cards.

Anyway, here's my setup:

(3) Behringer ADA8000's
(1) M-Audio Profire Lightbridge
(1) MacBook, C2D, 2GHz, 2GB RAM
(1) Behringer DDX3216 w/ 2 ADAT expansion cards

I run ADAT out of the ADA8000's to ADAT ins 1-3 of the Profire Lightbridge. Then ADAT outs 1-3 to ADAT ins 3, 4, and 1 (in that order) to the DDX3216. The reason for this order is a little complicated but basically it's so I can use the preamps on the DDX3216 while taking advantage of the input delay feature available on the first 16 channels of this mixer. This way I can monitor the signals coming into the DDX3216's preamps with the same amount of latency as the outputs of Pro Tools. Then ADAT out 2 of the DDX3216 goes to ADAT in 4 of the Profire Lightbridge. ADAT out 4 of the Profire Lightbridge goes to ADAT in 2 on the DDX3216. Everybody's clocked via wordclock (BNC T method) with the Profire Lightbridge as the master right now.

The setup is much less complicated if recording 24 channels or less but I wanted to explain how I'm getting 32. Also, it would be much easier for me to get 32 if I had one more ADA8000 (or other 8 channel preamp/converter).

Having said all that, I did have a problem on a pretty simple gig the other night. I was recording a stand-up comedy routine. 1 mic onstage, 4 audience mics around the room. Total of 7 tracks to Pro Tools, including a stereo track for a live to 2 track "rough mix". Everything was fine until at 1 hour, 4 minutes into the recording I got a "CPU overload, try increasing buffer" or whatever message and the computer stopped recording. I lost about ten seconds of the show. I had the record time preference set to "use all available space". I'm recording to the stock internal HD of the MacBook. This could be the problem but I had tested several times this way with 32 tracks so I thought it would be fine. Just goes to show, you always need a backup recorder in a live situation.

Sorry for the long post, hopefully it is of some value for a few of you.
Macbook 2GHz C2D, 2GB RAM, OS 10.4.8
M-Audio Profire Lightbridge
Pro Tools Academic 7.3.1cs1
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