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Default Re: Does lighbridge support more than 18IO with PTMP?

your problem is probably the usb drive. in spite of the specs of usb 2 vs firewire, firewire is still much faster and much better suited for audio. usb is only half duplex. this means data only flows one direction at a time. picture it as a one way 5 lane highway. this makes usb a great application for backup, but when you are writing to and reading from the same drive, it can cause problems. firewire, on the other hand, is full duplex. it is an eight lane highway, 4 lanes in each direction.

get a firewire drive

hope this helps...
Hi and thanks for your reply. I understand your point but I only have one firewire port on my MBP and Lightbridge is already sitting there Would I be better off with 3.5" external usb drive instead of 2.5" that I have right now? Or should I get another computer with both FW400 and FW 800?
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