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Default Uninstall PT 7.1 before Installing 7.3 Upgrade ???

Hi, I have PT 7.1 M-Powered installed on my XP home machine. I just successfully downloaded the 7.3 upgrade and finished all the iLok stuff. But when I try to run the 7.3 installer it says I already have a version of PT installed so I have to uninstall PT first in Control Panel, Add/remove programs. So I go to add/remove programs and click on "Digidesign ProTools M-Powered 7.1 and it brings me to another window and says: Please select the type of uninstallation:
o Pro tools M-Powered only
o Pro Tools and Digidesign device drivers
o Pro Tools, Device Drivers, Preferences, Databases and Midi Device/Path settings
Am I supposed to uninstall all of these components before installing 7.3 Upgrade ???
Also I have "Digidesign Shared Plug-Ins 7.0" comes up in add/remove programs.
Do I also uninstall Shared Plug-Ins 7.0 ???
I have looked through all the online installation instructions but none of them say what stuff you have to uninstall.
Thanks for any help anyone can offer to me.

For all of you who have been reading this and wondering about the same questions I just received a response from Digidesign tech support on this. Here is their response:
================================================== =====================

You can choose

Pro tools M-Powered only or Pro Tools and Digidesign device drivers.
Once you have removed the old version reboot and install the update.
You should also update your version of Pro Tools LE to 7.3.1. You
can get it here:

Best regards,
Digidesign Technical Support
================================================== =====================

I'm not sure what they mean about me updating Pro Tools LE. As far as I know, I don't have Pro Tools LE??? Anyway, I hope this helps some of you out.
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