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Default 2 instrument tracks each controlled by different MIDI input/instrument

I would appreciate help with setting up my tracks in PT9 MP as I have very limited knowledge of MIDI setup and PT.
I would like to be able to control/record two instrument tracks using two external devices - 1 track controlled by 1 device:
M-Audio Axiom pro 61 MIDI controller - connected via USB (Hypercontrol)
Nord Electro 3 (monotimbral) - connected via MIDI OUT + MIDI IN of M-Audio FastTrack C400 - NE3 sends/receives MIDI data only on channel 1 by default

I am trying to make Track 1 play and record the virtual Vacuum instrument via Axiom and Track 2 play the audio and record midi data of my NE3, so I set up the tracks like this:
MIDI Input of Track 1 set to AxiomPro61HyperControl All Channels
MIDI Output of Track 1 set to the plugin Vacuum 1-1 (automatically after setting the insert/plugin to this track)
MIDI Input of Track 2 set to C400 Channel 1
MIDI Output of Track 2 set to none or to C400 Channel 1

Audio Input of Track 2 is set to C400 Analog 1-2 Input.

I end up with two undesired results depending on whether the MIDI Thru opiton is selected or deselected.
1. MIDI Thru selected:
if the last clicked/selected MIDI Output was Track 1 Vacuum 1-1 then it Axiom plays this intrument but no MIDI is recorded on this track, NE3 plays both the NE3 sound plus the Vacuum plugin sound and Track 2 records MIDI data.
if the last clicked/selected MIDI Output was Track 2 C400 Channel 1 then both Axiom and NE3 play only NE3 sound and only Track 2 records MIDI data.

2 MIDI Thru deselected:
Track 1 is mute - no midi input from Axiom gets to the Vacuum plugin.
Track 2 plays and records MIDI data when I play NE3.

I believe that there is a way to achieve what I was trying to do and I hope that my English is good enough for you to understand my description.
Thanks a lot for any help.
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