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I must agree with you on the Beta57, it's noisy and bright/no tone. The Audix D6 is in my opinion the coolest kick mic out there at the moment. It just always sounds killer. D4 is for snare/toms i think. For overheads 184 will give you a nice velvety sound without making the cymbals sound to large or brash but it will still let the toms through nicely. I set them up about 2 and a half stick lengths above the snare, good Phase distance. For toms the D2 or SM57 dynamic mics work realy nice but you could also try Micro-D by Audix. A little different sounding depending on tast. I feel micro condensers sound good sometimes and othertimes sound like S*@#. depends on the drum really.

Last but not least a good drummer who hits hard is the best mic you can have on the kit.

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