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Default Re: Mixing in Pro tools

Don't put your work on the desktop, because when you boot the computer, it has to load every file on the desktop(which slows down boot time by a lot). To really get the best answer, consider a few things:
1-the purpose of the downloaded file. If its to use in 1 particular session, I would move the file into that session folder and import from there(there are a few reasons for this, but suffice to say, you will always know where that file is(every one of us has misplaced files before we learn some hard lessons).
2-If the file is to be used in many projects, I would create a folder for samples(preferably on a separate drive) and copy FROM that location into any sessions that need that clip.
3-regarding drives in general, if your computer only has a single drive, it should be an SSD for best performance(many laptops use a 5400 rpm spinner, which is too slow for any serious recording. A 7200 rpm drive is better, but with an SSD, its feasible to record with only a single drive(no matter what drive you record to, you need to back everything up on a regular basis unless you don't mind losing your recordings)
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