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Default Re: Overhead Drum Mic Stands - Recommendations?

Just my opinions
1) I don't like the base on this one. Just a personal pref for 3 contact points, which will never wobble) and I like the weight of the big triangular iron base on the ones I listed.
2) tough to go wrong with anything from K&M, but see comment on 3).
3) as with 2, also good, but both could benefit from extra weight at the bottom. On-Stage Stands CW-3 or CW-6 do a great job. Clamp on on the leg opposite the mic direction for better counter-balance. I had the CW-6 on 2 of my K&M stands and they never tipped
4) I've not see that one. It looks fine, but I would pick from the others unless they tell you this on is considerably heavier(no weight given on the ad).

Last 2 cents from someone with 30+ years in the business; buy the best you can afford. The reason; every time you go cheap, you end up buying the same product 2-3 more times because the cheaper stuff just doesn't last or constantly annoys you with sub-par performance. The last straw for me was a big sale at GC where I bought 3 boom stands for a bargain price(their Pro-Line....yeah.....right.....). By the second gig, all 3 went in the trash and were replaced with K&M
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