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Default Re: Overhead Drum Mic Stands - Recommendations?

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
All 3 links are dead for me From sweetwater....
I like this on a tight budget:
On-Stage Stands SMS7630B Hex Base Studio Boom Microphone Stand

I like this one if you got the room(the boom does split in the middle)
On-Stage Stands SMS7650 Hex Base Studio Boom Microphone Stand

Triad-Orbit have really great stuff but it is quite expensive(their tripod weighs a ton while looking like everyone else's)

Latchlake are the best of the best(with a price to match)

K&M did make a tripod with solid legs(instead of tube) that weighed a lot(add the boom of your choice), but I couldn't find it. My drum room used the premium K&M booms and I was quite happy, but nothing else went into that room). Maybe your dealer know which is the extra-heavy version(I think it was made for singing drummers)
Hey thanks for the suggestions, will look into these!
Sorry about the broken links, I just fixed them, if you have a minute to see how any of those fare with your suggestions, please feel free!
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