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Default Re: Do I need a DI box to run into Eleven rack?

Thanks for posting the comparison.

My ears hear a little more bottom in the 11 Rack sample than from the Countryman DI--but both sound like acoustic steel-strings, not what I associate with a Gibson SG. I had an SG Standard a generation ago and liked it best through a Big Muff II.

For what you might be going for, I would reach for a good grade of Martin or Taylor steel string and mic them up with a pair of condensers through a good quality pre-amp.

As an aside, I have a Gibson Chet Atkins nylon/electric with piezo pickups. It sounds a little better run through a Fishman "Aura for nylon" (ascoustic imaging stomp box) with the preset on number "12" -- but it is a subtle improvement.

There is a plugin sold by Sonnox called "Oxford Inflator" that has a similar subtle effect as when the "Aura" is added to the Gibson Chet Atkins. It is not something you notice when it is in use until you remove it, then it sounds like something is missing. There is a Youtube video called "Show and Tell of Sonnox Oxford Inflator" that illustrates the plugin.
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