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Default Do I need a DI box to run into Eleven rack?

Originally Posted by Kinh View Post
Ok then here's an easier I need to run eleven rack into a di box?

Your question makes no sense. So likely no. But I can't even guess what you really are trying to do. None of the Eleven Rack outputs are (edit sorry typo high not low) high impedance (not even the Rig outs) so you would never need to connect a DI box there. And if you want to get the signal out to a separate interface the digital outs are the way to go, or line analog if digital ins are not available. If you truly went to split the guitar analog signal say to a live amp rig then put a splitter in front of the Eleven Rack.

And folks here keep asking you questions you do not answer.

The eleven rack is an interface with a high impedance/DI input, so again, why do you need another DI?

You seem a bit lost, like previous questions about impedance, when the impedance is displayed in the TrueZ menu you are using--so you can set there and experiment. What effect you hear from TrueZ will depend greatly on the pickups, cables etc, amp sims, modeled effects, distortion levels etc.

Also see

You are trying to record a good clean tone? What clean amp sim are you using in the Eleven Rack? You should be listening to/recording that not the dry signal that it sounds a bit like you are. You can record the dry signal as well for reamping.

You say "Eleven" are you talking eleven rack or Eleven Plugins?

Keeping asking micro-questions is not likely to help you, instead I expect you will actually get useful help here if you instead describe at a high level what you are trying to achieve with what guitar, pickups, physical pedals, amps, cabs, other interfaces, etc. and let folks here give you options. Carefully describe the entire signal flow from pickups to Pro Tools. We get "clean tone", but that does not really help, what example real world amp or performer/song are you trying to sound similar to and a good starting point would be to pick Eleven Rack amp sims that are similar to the real amps used there.

The first thing I would do is get very close to the tone I wanted just playing with the Eleven Rack used stand alone. If you have done that describe your Eleven Rack rig setup, amp settings etc.

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