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Default Eleven Rack / Avid is not producing anymore Eleven Racks is that true or false?

Originally Posted by kittybite View Post
Makes sense since Eleven rack is USB 2.0.

An updated revamped Eleven Rack with either of these options below would be the future way to go together with a lot of other options it is still lacking that people wish for in the forum!!!

FireWire 800 – 800Mbps

eSATA – 3Gbps

USB 3.0 – 5Gbpps

Thunderbolt – 10Gbps

Why does any of that matter? What would you use the extra interface bandwidth for and why? USB2 is widely supported across Macs and PCs and is a great low-end interface (when Apple does not break it, cough). And if Avid combined a much higher end interface into an Eleven Rack and let's it compete more with its own more expensive interfaces who will want to pay the increased price?

I am not following why eSATA is even on your list. Nobody uses eSATA for an audio interface, and eSATA can also go to 6Gbps.

The only reason with an Eleven Rack class product for moving from USB 2 to 3 I could see is if some incompatibility problems with USB 3 hardware showed up and as not fixable in drivers, I do not expect that is the case. And Firewire is dead technology, nobody is going to design anything new that relies on that, and a Thunderbolt is effectively Mac only.

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