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Default Re: Suggested PlugIns swap from UAD "classics"

Originally Posted by scremedy View Post
One thing i'm unsure / missing are familiar touchpoints of hardware processing such as LA2A/3A, 1176 or Neve 33609, Lexicon Verb etc.
I have been combing the universe for non UAD versions of these and here are my findings:

LA2a/LA3a- Nobody has captured what these do entirely. Not even UAD. No two LA hardware units sound the same so emulating them is like a moving target. That said there are some great sounding emulations. I prefer the Overloud Gem LA and the Softube CL1B for my optical needs. I hate the waves and avid options. If I need optical in AAX-DSP I use Acme from PA or Distressor in Optical mode. Both have very different vibes to the other options but again, no two units sound the same anyway so...

1176- I prefer Purple from PA. It's the only emulation besides the UAD that nails the attack curve for me. I love love love this plugin. I also love love love the Distressor in place of an 1176 as well. Both of these are DSP(coming soon I hear). I again hate the waves and avid options.

Neve 33609 had been a problem for me up until recently. I love love love Lindel 80 which contains a variant of that compressor. While not strictly a 33609 it comes close and has the benefit of DSP, a preamp section with great color and a very nice Neve eq. For a real 33609 the newish Arturia rivals even the UAD. It's fantastic. For a more out there and colored version, Silka by Kush is amazing as well.

For lexicon verb, there are no DSP options as far as I know. Reverb isn't something I worry about latency on and in most contexts, PT deals with that native latency quite well. There are a lot of fantastic options but Relab kills it on the 480. Reverb has come a long way in the last 40 years though and I am content moving on from the Lexicon sound as well. There are a ton of great verbs out there that don't require a UAD card.

For example, Arturia's Rev Plate-140 is great rival to the UAD plate options. Abbey Road Plate is one of the only Waves plugins I still use. I also love Seventh Heaven and FabFilter Pro-R.

Hope this helps.
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