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Default Using iPad and Avid Control app to create new tracks

Hi Everyone,

I've just bought an iPad and have downloaded the free AVID control app which has a lot of useful functionality as is, but I want to explore the potential benefits of creating macros. I'm new to this side of Pro Tools so please bear with me.

So, I've set myself a little task; to make a macro that will, with the press of one soft key on my iPad, create a stereo aux channel, with the name "EFFECT", colour coded in yellow (matching my other effect return channels), routed with its output to my master effects bus. I'm not sure whether this is possible or whether this sort of thing requires something like Soundflow, but this is what I've done so far;

Using the "keys" section of the Eucontrol Softkey command editor, I've been able to;
  • create a track (KEY Shift + Command +N)
  • make it stereo (KEY Control + Command + right arrow
  • make it an aux track (KEY Control + Command + down arrow)
  • tab over to the name box (KEY tab)
  • type in the name (KEY effect)
  • confirm create (KEY keyboard enter)

So that works a treat, but how can I now automate assigning the output to my master effects bus? Also, can I colour code it so it's my yellow?

Thanks for any advice you are able to offer.
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