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Default Re: The Current playback Engine....

Originally Posted by Top Jimmy View Post
It sounds like you are using your interface as the default Windows audio device. Go into your sound settings and change your playback and recording devices back to the internal jacks instead. This should solve your conflict.
Hmmm, I never set the interface as the default audio device. But the drivers might have hijacked it and set it up that way . The sound on the computer plays back just fine through the normal speakers without the Eleven Rack connected.

Thanks heaps.

EDIT: I looked at the audio device section before running protools and it was using the speakers and was no listing of the Eleven Rack, after turning the Eleven rack it appeared and hijacked the audio

So, I did as you suggested and set the speakers as default even with 24 bit/48kHz and everything seems hunky dory.

Thanks so much .
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