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Default Re: MC Control touch button active window under Cubase 8

This is apparently a Steinberg issue. I'm a Nuendo user and we have the same complaint, especially since they've updated to Nuendo 7. The multiple window platform is driving a lot of us nuts. We suspect that this was done for Nuage hardware intergration. But if you don't have Nuage............... well, too bad for you.

At present, nobody has found a work around for this issue. The closest any of us has come is (wherever possible) doubling the commands. For example, when I used the softkey to open a channel for editing, it would only open in the mixer window IF I had the mixer window active. If I was in the project window, the channel wouldn't open. The opposite was also true. So, I had to make a seperate button for each to do THE EXACT SAME FUNCTION. If I open the channel in the mixer, I had to select the "mixer button." But if I wanted to open the same channel from the project window, I now had to select the "project" button.

This is a ridiculous waste of time (programming 2 buttons to do the same thing) and resources (the 2nd button takes up the place where you could really use another button doing a different function). But at least we have the option. Those folks not using any kind of controllers are really upset about this active window nonsense!
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