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Default 96khz Issue (also affects M-Powered)

I thought I would post this here too since it was apparently tested under both Pro Tools M-Powered on Windows and Pro Tools LE on OS X.

In this post on KVR, testing EQs under different hosts (with an emphasis on Pro Tools LE/M-Powered) is discussed a lot with the implication that the Pro Tools RTAS versions of plug-ins such as Sonalksis SV-517 MK II don't work consistently at 96khz as compared to 48khz under Pro Tools LE/M-Powered as compared to consistent performance between the Audio Units and VST versions of the same plug-ins under different sample rates in multiple hosts on both Windows and Mac OS X.

Here is the link to the post KVR:EQ-ing at 96khz vs. 48khz

In the post a link is also given to audio files of the output of Sonar (as an example of a non-Pro Tools host EQ behavior) and Pro Tools, both at 48khz and 96khz with the exact same EQ settings in same plug-in.

Audio Examples

Can anybody explain why the Pro Tools example at 96khz sounds so different from all the others? It sounds almost like it is targeting a different EQ band.
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