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Default EuControl no longer connecting to/detecting Logic Pro

MacOS 11.4
EuControl 2020.11.1.10
EuCon Version

Previously, everything seemed to work just fine. However, now, EuControl connects to my Control and Mix units, but does not expose its MIDI I/O in Audio MIDI Setup and no longer detects when Logic Pro (or any other app) is loaded.

I've ensured that both EuControl and MC_Client are checked in the Accessibility Control Panel.

I've done multiple uninstall, reboot, install, reboot (and a few more reboots), but nothing seems to be working.

Are there any network ports that I need to ensure are not taken by other processes, by chance? Any other permissions I need to ensure are set?

There are a LOT of errors showing up in the EuControl.log and MC_Client.log

From EuControl.log
lots of these:
26 17:25:20.126421 (0000.000002) ERROR [DNS Services for EuDOF ] /Users/buildmgr/ECWorkspace/Builds/Workspaces/eucon-surfaces/20.R3.1/cs/Shared/EuDOF/framework/EuDOFDNSServices.cpp:91 DNS Services error: Bad Reference

From MC_Client
Lots of these:
30 17:25:01.046162 (0001.000163) ERROR [DNS Services for EuDOF ] /Users/buildmgr/ECWorkspace/Builds/Workspaces/eucon-surfaces/20.R3.1/cs/Shared/EuDOF/framework/EuDOFDNSServices.cpp:91 DNS Services error: Service Not Running
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