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Default Move Unauthorized Plug-ins


I am new to this forum and I am in need of some pretty big help.

When I load Pro Tools 11, I get this message:

Move Unauthorized Plug-ins

The following Plug-ins failed to load because no valid authorization could be found or the iLok key was not connected:

Elastic Audio.aaxplugin

Move these plug-ins to the "Plug-Ins (Unused)" folder?

I tried searching the forum and found this post:

However I tried what was suggested in the thread but it did not help, can anyone else shed some light on what the problem might be. I have tried all other things that I can think of. Including replacing the Elastic audio plugin with another version suggested on the avid support site, that didn't work either.

So If anyone can help it would be great as I don't really want to have to buy support from avid.

p.s I tried uninstalling pro tools and reinstalling it but everytime that I do that the iLok license manager doesn't work and pro tools says that it can't open because it couldn't be authorized. Then I have to uninstall the iLok license manager and reinstall it. Causing me to have to restart my pc a further 2 times from the installation.
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