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Default S6L mixbus into mixbus routing workaround

Dear All,

I've seen, there are also other people out there, who are looking for mixbuss into mixbuss routing possibilities on the S6L console.

Well I think I have found a way (well more thN one way) to do it.

You could send a mono or a stereo mixbus into an FX slot. You need to chose a mono or stereo FX (for mono the trim is the least DSP consuming choice, for stereo maybe the EQ3 single band version is the least DSP consuming one. Bypassing that very fx will just let the signal flow thru, so if yourcreturn is a mono or stereo input channel, then you can route this again i to a mixbus.

#2 (the hard way, and how I did it on Profile)
You could route the particular mixbus into an output (madi or AES/EBU) and loop it back with a cable to an input (MADI or AES/EBU) and the use this mixbus as an input channel (mono or stereo)
- You can do than on Profile either by using the PQs or the MATRIXes if you do not want to use up all your mixbusses
- you can do it just with mixbusses straight on the S6L as you could have a plenty of them

Any toughts?



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