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Default Re: PT 2021.12 on Mac OS Big Sur

Originally Posted by Wolfgang Eller View Post
My most stable working OS is Catalina right now.
Wolfgang is totally correct! That is what I have been told as well. If you can avoid it I would. Maybe you can't with a newer Mac, but one reason I have not upgraded my computer since Late 2013 Mac Pro, but it works fantastic with my Atmos studio and no issues at all. Working on multiple projects with Catalina and have had no need to upgrade. I can't remember when I had a crash in my room. maybe 2 last year? Usually plugin moving related. Again, if you need to upgrade, just remember if you rely on a stable system like I do for deadlines in post etc., go with what is out there and wait on upgrading until it's out there for a few weeks at least. I do that with everything including security updates unless you know it's not problematic.

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